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Website Design Service

As a client, it sometimes can be difficult when deciding what you want to include in your site.  At Raeside Web Design we are here to help, guide and to suggest elements that perhaps you might like to include. Initially, there will be some work for you to do.  Sometimes it comes as a bit of a shock when a web designer asks lots of questions and requests data, images and logos from you. In order to prepare you for this and to create a good website design,have a think about the following:

 The first question you need to ask yourself is this.

Once you have answered this question then you might want to give the following questions some thought.

To give you an idea of what elements you might want to include, we have some website design ideas.  Just let us know what you want and we will make it happen for you.

Sliding Images

Photo Gallery

Images on a website are really important.  How about having a Flash or JavaScript-based photo gallery.  We can create eye-catching galleries with lots of choice on gallery types and styles.

Sliders are a fun and exciting way to visually animate your website and are ideal for a whole range of uses including advertising.

Site search


Google maps is great if you want to make sure that a client can locate your headquarters, attendees can find that special meeting ( or event) or identify special interest locations.

Consider using Google Adsense. Adsense is a free Google service which allows you to offer advertising space on your web pages.  Google decides which advertisements to place on your site. Visitors  to your pages will be served adverts according to the type of content your site is publishing.  When a visitor clicks on an an advert, Google will pay you a small fee for allowing the advertiser to advertise their product or company on your site.


We can create a powerful search facility which matches user search terms that appears in your site

Facebook and Twitter buttons.

Facebook and Twitter can be added to your page to stream various types of live feeds to display on your page or a “like” button that allows users to share and promote your page via their Facebook pages.

Google +1 Button.

Adding Sound

Adding Video

Hopefully the above suggestions have given you a flavour of what can be achieved.  We are here to design a professional, dynamic and modern website for you.  We can create either a simple website design  or a complex  website for you. You will be in total control of the project.  To take advantage of our website design services, please fill in the form below to get started today.


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We can add sound to your website using two sound playback options.  The first is Background sound, where a sound loads and plays automatically when a specific page is first displayed in the visitors web browser.  The second is Linked sound, triggered by a mouse click.  Adding sound is an important decision to make.  Some users might find it annoying and may leave your page because of it.

Promote your site by using a Google +1 button to let visitors recommend your site content to Google+.  When visitors click your button they will be able to share your web page by posting on their live stream or the +1 tab on their Google+ profiles.  The +1 tab displays all links a user recommends to the public.  The Google +1 button can also display how many others have recommended your web page.

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A Calendar can be useful if your website is events based.  At any time, you can update calendar details

Google Maps